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Gasoline smell

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  • Gasoline smell

    When I drive with the windows down, I get a very pronounced gasoline smell inside the car. All the rubber hoses have been replaced, the hose in the trunk that connects the tank with the inlet is brand new, the hose for the vent is new. I don't see any leaks anywhere on the car, but yet I can smell gas. Also, when it's got a full tank it seems worse.

    I was thinking of dropping the gas tank and looking on top, but the previous owner had already replaced the sending unit and gasket there. What am I missing?

    Mark Anderson
    1965 Studebaker Cruiser

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    The new sending unit and gasket probably didnt seal so well.
    Been awile so I have forgotten the recommended sealant for the sending unit, but I do remember not to use the blue stuff. Last time I used that , I found little blue bits in the filter and the sending unit leaked again. Permatex #1 or #2, which ever is recommended for gasoline sealing.


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      Open the trunk, look where the filler tube travels from the back panel of the car - thru the trunk floor. You should see a smaller tube leading off of the main gas filler neck to the left side of the trunk. That little line is the tank vent line. What happens is that rubber connector hose can crack and split with age. See if that's not the case here. Probably, having the windows down, causes air to be drawn in past the rear seat cushions and thus bringing the fumes forward. This is not a CERTIANTY, but it's what I'd check first.
      As Charlie mentioned, there's a chance of a leak from the gage sender unit on the top of the tank and there's also the possibility that the large rubber tube to the tank (from the filler neck) is deteriorated with age. After all - your Cruiser's turned 40 this year!
      If you don't find anything in the trunk, check from the fuel pump to the carb. It doesn't take much of a leak to make your nose take note!

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