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Clutch glitch

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  • Clutch glitch

    Well, it was 65 here in Minnesota yesterday and as I walked past my 60 Hawk it begged to be awakened from its winter snooze. Anyway, I am reminded of a problem that had cropped up last fall that I need some help with. First, it's a 60 Hawk 289 3 speed overdrive. Specifically, on two occasions the clutch pedal refused to depress when I went to shift gears. The first time it happened was during a 90 mile run to a Wisconsin Stude meet. I'd been swooping along the freeway at 70-75. When I reached my exit, I slowed and attempted to shift down into 2nd. As a pressed on the clutch pedal, it would simply not move... not even a fraction of an inch! YIKES! I tried several more time (quickly, of course) and suddenly the clutch pedal worked as it should (just in the nick of time as I reached the stop sign at the end of the ramp!) The clutch operated normally for the rest of my road trip and for several other local excursions thereafter. Then, at our North Star Chapter's annual Orphan Car Show on Labor Day weekend, it happened again as I was shifting into reverse to back into a parking space. Again, a rock hard clutch pedal that after repeated attempts to depress it finally went back to normal... which continued to work okay until I put'er up for the winter.

    So, Stude gurus... What's my likely problem here? Obviously it's a cry for help. But, what would cause it to be intermittent? A worn shaft? Slipping clutch linkage? Revenge for only driving it on nice days?

    Any and all thoughts are appreciated.


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    I'd ask if you've greased the cross-shaft bushings on either side of the bell housing and the zerk fittings at the base of the pedal arms - but that would be too obvious.[:0]
    I think you need to GET UNDER that HAwk while someone works the clutch so you can observe! Oh, take a grease gun with you.

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      Uh, well... maybe obvious to you cuz you're smart.I did grease it back when I first got it...what, it's been five years now? My how time flies.[:I] I'll try out my new air-powered grease gun tomorrow.

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