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1965 Stude Lark Radiator

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  • 1965 Stude Lark Radiator

    I never got around to the heater motor this weekend so it looks like that will be a future project to add to the list in the coming months. I also would like to know about radiators. My developed a leak again and rather than fix it, Im ready to replace it b/c it is definately the weakest link on my car. I was wondering what you guys replace your old radiators with. I don't want to loose points at shows and Im not running any a/c or anything. I'd like a radiator that is close to what was in it originally.


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    well i know i had to put in a new radiator in my 63 lark and the shop i took it to just installed a new core for my car. no big deal same radiator just a new core and it only cost about $300. i did make it a 3 way core instead of a 2 way only because this is my daily driver and i live in l.a. and there can be alot of traffic at times.


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      Cosmo's approach will be the easiest. I will say that while a 3-row core is more costly than a 2-row, Studebaker used the 2-row as standard equipment on both 6s and V8s. And they (the cars) weren't looked upon as delicate and tempramental hobby cars when they were new. Folks used them to get around on a daily basis. Fridgid days and sweltering days - folks drove them to work, to play, across town and across the country. Trust me on this.[}] My dad, and others I knew that were driving in the 40s and 50s, didn't sit around wishing the first boatload of Toyotas would hit our shores so we could get around without a problem.[:I]
      I don't mean to "pick on" cosmo here. I just see this as an opportunity to remind guys MY age, and those new to these "antiques", that they were just cars once. Not the cantankerous curios we make them out to be now. In this day and age of opting for the Mega, or Super, or the Large option on our fast food meal or our new pickup truck, this wasn't ALWAYS the mindset our culture once lived with. Believe it or not, folks used to seek out THE LEAST they could get by with! That's why the Scostmans and the Standard versions of Studebakers were good sellers. There's still inexpensive new cars to be bought these days, but the sales pitch is what a BIG deal you're getting - and wouldn't you like to "super-size" that for a few bucks more? [?][?]
      65, have your radiator recored. Unless the upper and lower tanks are damaged, a recore will give you at least another decade of good service. Since you're not running A/C, you don't need to go a 3-core redo but you can if you anticipate adding A/C in the future. The price difference isn't that huge.

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