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R Series Fuel Pump

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  • R Series Fuel Pump

    Hey Guys, My Avanti shop manual states that the fuel pump valves are non-replaceable. But the repair kit I have includes new valves. I think that it would be wise to install the new vales when I rebuild this unit. I'm assuming that this is an original pump--how do I know whether it is the original pump? Also can these valves be replaced and are there tricks to doing so? Just seems like a good idea to replace these little suckers if possible. thanks for the help.

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    I replaced the disc valves in my pump. The old ones were so hardened that they appeared to be made from bakelite or formica! I carefully tapped the mushroom shaped retainer out with a small punch and hammer. The valve body looks pretty fragile in this area, but mine came out easily. You could probably twist them out with pliers, too. It's just an easy press fit. I reused the original retainers with new springs and soft discs from the kit. The brake rivet that comes in the kit may actually flow better!
    I cut the old diaphragm stem apart; and salvaged the original spring. It controls fuel pressure; and I thought the new one was too light. My kit came from: .
    The original R1 pump was a Carter 3509 S. The # is stamped on the edge of the flange where it bolts to the engine. R2's were 3508 S. They have a boss drilled and tapped for a boost referance line to the supercharger; but are otherwise the same.
    There are a lot of Carter M6270, converted Chrysler pumps, out there. These have a smaller diameter diaphraghm, and a 3 valve body. The conversion involves heating and bending the operating arm.
    Mike M.