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Spark Plug Wire Loom

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  • Spark Plug Wire Loom

    So I've got some new wires for the spark plugs. And new spark plugs, too.
    How do I get the wires through the loom on my 1950 Champion. The small
    6 cylinder with the curved loom. The loom also holds the coil bracket and
    contains an important bit of throttle linkage. I can take off the loom, 'cause
    it could use some paint anyway, but how do I cram the wires through there?
    Just write down the firing order and cram them all through and sort it out later?

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    Just a suggestion, when you get to putting it together, lubricate the wires with liquid dishwashing detergent. it will make the rubber slipery and eventually evaporate.

    Tom Bredehoft
    '53 Commander Coupe
    '60 Lark VI


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      Well, since the front wires and the rear ones are longer than those in the middle, I'd sort the wires by length and feed them thru accordingly. You're not gonna be able to slide them over one another once they're in that loom!

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