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    Last fall I realized that the rough ride on my Lark was probably due to bad shocks. Close examination showed no evidence of shocks having been changed. Period. Ever. I ordered new Gabriels (Made in Mexico) from SI, and today put the rear ones in. I jacked the body up until just before the wheels left the ground and put jack stands under the frame. There were problems getting the nuts off the screws, (previously soaked with ATF) but they finally came off. The new shocks went in with not much problem until I tightened the bottom screw on the second one. It didn't draw down. Hmmm... Top screw didn't come all the way through the nut and the bottom screw stuck out half an inch. No one told me the screws were different lengths. I couldn't find enough washers (really a good thing) so I had to remove the upper screw and switch them. Yup, the upper screw is 1/4 inch longer than the lower one.

    I still have to do the front ones, waiting for better weather for them. It's rainy today and the old red paint water spots in the rain.

    I found a F**d space saving spare from a Crown Vic (Michelin, no less) so I can keep my 5.90 by 15 original spare.

    Almost ready for summer.

    Tom Bredehoft
    '53 Commander Coupe
    '60 Lark VI