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    right now my tires are 4.5 wide i'd like to know what is the wides tire i can put on my stude. of course i would have to change the rim, but what is the largest i can go. thank you

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    Cosmo, it would help if you could give us a little more information, like what year and model of Stude you have, and whether the rear axle is stock, and if you are using stock brakes now or intend to change to different brakes in the future, that sort of thing.


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      195X75 R15 is the best fit for those Stude wheels. It's not a real common size but the tire shops can usually have them in a day or so if you insist. They're available with a medium whitwall too. I run those on my V8 60 Lark convertible and they do great!
      Be wary of the tire store's trying to tell you that a 205 or 215 tire's gonna do just as well. Sure enough, they can make them fit, but you'll wish you had power steering to turn a big-footed radial on the pavement.
      Too, there's those that say the stock Stude wheels aren't up to wearing radials as the wheels flex too much. I've not had a problem with them doing that myself - but then I've not tried to run tires that are too big and grabby on them either. Radials are far different than the old bias plys that were originally on the car. But they make a marked improvement in the way a Stude drives![:0]

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