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Steering popping

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  • Steering popping

    For a novice mechanic I've been fairly busy this week-end working on my 64 GT...put on a secondary ground wire, changed my door lock cylinders and sprayed JASCO phosphoric rust preventer up in the front crossmember to combat or at least slow down some internal rust (BTW that stuff really bleaches concrete like they said [[B)]) my wife got fussy. Anyway, while driving it a little while later, I noticed a popping noise when turning the steering wheel, that I could feel through the steering. It seemed to go away and then would happen a little bit later. I noticed the JASCO really makes metal surfaces hard and rough. Could the effect of the JASCO be making the steering pivot box stiff or affected the lubricant on the pivot box? Should I spray some WD-40 or lithium grease up in there? I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this before??? It's always possible that I'm just more accutely aware of noises but it does seem to be a new one. Any thoughts? [:I]


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    If your talking about the pivot in the center of the crossmember under the engine, that should have a grease fitting. There are bearings and/or bushings in there. I wonder if that stuff got into the bearings/bushings. You would think the grease would keep it out but if it cleans concrete???

    You might want to test some on some old bearings and or bronze bushings.

    On the other hand , the popping sound may have nothing to do with your rust preventer. Possibly tie rod ends are nearly done for or bent reach rod?


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      Do you have power steering on your '64?

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        Yes, I do have power steering. The hoses were replaced about 2 years ago, as they are close to the manifold and subject to burning and dry rot.



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          I heard from a "chemist" at JASCO, and they indicated that if the lubrication grease in the pivot box, or elsewhere, comes into contact with the phosphoric acid rust converter solution, that the grease should be changed as JASCO will interact with any metals in the grease (ie zinc, lithium) and reduce the lube properties. However, I've had some knowledgable people tell me it's really unlikely that much solution could have gotten into the bearings in the pivot box. All that said, I'm going to put some fresh lube grease up there. [?]Question: Is there any way to easily purge the grease (short of taking it apart) or can I only use a pressure gun to shoot more in? It was just lubed a few weeks ago.



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            Hank - you'd have had to REALLY throw the Jasco in and around the upper and lower extremities of that steering box to contaminate the grease therein. And at that, you said you squirted that stuff INside the crossmember - where there's NO opening into that steering pivot point. It isn't like it's just lying open, waiting to suck in any moisture that comes near. If you're gonna lose sleep over it, pump a whole tube of grease thru it. It'll gush out top and bottom and you'll have to wipe all the excess away. That should "purge" it well enough.
            Jasco's useful stuff, but it doesn't penetrate solid cast iron - which is what the housing of that pivot assy is made of. Frankly, I think you're worrying about it too much.

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              Thanks Mr. Biggs ... I sometimes do over-analyze the what-ifs, which is an occupational hazard. Getting a Stude has been a "life-changing event", as my wife would say. She agrees with you.