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  • carb

    [xx(] OK, I give up. The old AFB on my '64 just isn't working out. Can anyone suggest an easily attainable, modern 4 bbl carb that will fit the AFB manifold on my 289? One that has the right CFM rating...

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    Edelbrock 500CFM "performer" (AFB clone) you'll need a spacer and a new air cleaner though.

    I'd like to try one of the "thunder series" carbs (AVS clone) but haven't had the opportunity yet.


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      Would like to find one that fits the manifold without an adapter plate.


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        I don't think it's an "adaptor" as such - just a spacer to set the new carb up a bit. OR - it's my understanding that you can lop off a bit of the throttle lever that interferes with the manifold and need no more than a gasket to mount that carb that Nate talks about.
        You DO need a new air cleaner OR an adaptor as the top of the new carb is a different diameter. Get the electric choke option too. Pretty slick! I've got one here that we put on a 289 and it ran right out of the box!

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