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64 Hawk Door lock cylinders

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  • 64 Hawk Door lock cylinders

    My 64 Hawk was missing the door lock cylinders on both doors when I bought it, although they have the outer "keyhole" and the doors will lock when the lock stalk is pushed down (no way to unlock from outside). I couldn't find 64 lock cylinders so I bought some 62/63 doorlock cylinders from Stephen Allen's, which have a set of keys with the Lark/Hawk logo design, which is different from my ignition key which is a lazy S. I know the keys will work for the doors only, which is ok with me. Here's my questions: 1) while looking in the shop manual (body general 16A)it says that " 1964 door locks and strikers have been redesigned...prior model lock assemblies and stikers must not be used as replacement parts" so I'm wondering will I have a problem, or is the lock cylinder not really considered part of the lock assembly? (I think so) and 2) will I have to remove any part of the lock assembly itself to install the lock cylinder? I'm hoping it will just slide in with the square shaft entering the lock assembly, then installing the horseshoe spring retainer. Is it really that simple? I guess I better know before I take off the door trim panel. Thanks for any help!


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    Hank, your locks should do just fine.[8D]

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      Thanks Mr. Biggs!


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        the difference is that the lock cylinders are different, they are Briggs and Stratton and the older ones are Yale. Actually had a discussion about this at York and learned a few things.

        Personally, if I were in your situation, I would have either bought the whole Yale set from SI including the ignition lock cylinder (not hard to swap) or else bought some used B&S door locks and had them rekeyed to match your existing ignition (probably more PITA than it's worth unless your ignition lock is still original to the car and such things are important to you.)

        But anyway, if having two keys doesn't bother you, there's no problem with what you're proposing.

        Just as an aside, the B&S key blanks are now available repro from SI and other vendors.


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