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Update on my Hawk

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  • Update on my Hawk

    I finally got the disc brake kit from Jim Turner and have the 62 Hawk up on jack stands. Today we dismantled and are installing tomorrow. On a dry day with no ice or snow, we took the Hawk out to try starting the FOM in L and manually moving through the gears. What a difference! While it was up, we checked the rear end as was suggested. It is a Dana 44 and tomorrow I'll pull the plug to see if it is a TT. The ratio on the tag is 3:31. How does this ratio fit into the general scheme of things with a 289 4bbl? There was quite a discussion regarding ratios and a 259 engine back in Dec. but I got lost following it. I believe this ratio favours economy over quickness or do I have it wrong. I just joined SDC International and the Ontario Chapter and look forward to getting involved in events. Thanks to Sonny and StudeBob for advice in getting me this far.

    '62 Hawk
    '30 Chev Coach

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    Congratulations! That's great, disc brakes up front and a Dana 44 out back, don't get too much better 'n 'at, (let's just hope it's a TT too)! I, personally don't think that there's a better street ratio than the 3.54 with a FOM. It's a great compromise for quickness off the line and cruise ability. BUT, nothing wrong with the 3.31 for peppy, off the line performance and great high speed cruising. Yes, it is more economical when cruising. I definitely would have suggested a change if it was a 3.07. Your 289, 4 barrel should be quite happy with the 3.31 and you should be too, (now that you've discovered low gear ).

    From me, thanks for the kind words and you're very welcome for any help that I can give, that's what we're all here for. I think I said this before but, 100 heads are always better than one! I really enjoy it when something that I suggest works and makes ya happy, (especially when you give us feedback! [^]).

    Please let us know what you think of that disc brake kit. Oh hell, please keep us updated as ya go along! [8D]