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Rocker switches - 66 Lark types

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  • Rocker switches - 66 Lark types

    Does anyone have the '66 parts book with the numbers for these switches? (I have the '64 book.) Three of the switches (headlight, inst light and heater) have terminals marked H, B, L and T. The forth one (wiper) has terminals marked A, B, C and D. I know that of the first three switches, two are the same part number and the third is different. Can switches with the same terminal markings be interchanged? Thanks in advance.


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    The '66 book shows 1565576 as the part# for the inst lite and heater motor switch. The HL sw# is 1565577. The early '65 model switches are the same as what was used in '64. But midway in production, the part# changed and I think the only difference was that they went to using a smooth-faced rocker on the switches as opposed to the ribbed one they had been using. The part numbers changed again for the 66 models but this was likely due to the rockers now being black in color as opposed to the white of the 65s.[:I]
    Since the main wiring harnesses didn't change from 65 to 66, stands to reason that the switches internal functions would be the same from one year to the next. Since the HL switches carry a different number from the inst.lite/heater motor switches, I'd want to assume there was an internal difference like heavier duty contacts in the HL switch.

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