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Freeze plugs, 6 cyl. 1950 Champ

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  • Freeze plugs, 6 cyl. 1950 Champ

    One of the freeze plugs on the block of my 1950 Champion is weeping water
    a bit, as is the water pump at its bearing. Water pump is an easy replace, and
    so is a freeze plug, in principle. But the plug which is leaky is the one which
    is right behind the oil fill tube. Before I punch a hole in the plug and try to pry it
    out, can it actually be removed? Can the oil fill/breather tube be removed from
    the block? Can I tap a new plug in this hole without removing the oil fill tube?
    Am I crazy or is this one of those "impossible" jobs?

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    It's a light press fit. Take a look at the base of the tube to see if is attached to the block with a hold down bolt. If not, just wiggle the top back and forth as you pry on the oil return boss located at the bottom. It should easily loosen and come up out of the block.


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      As Tbatson says, it's just a light press fit. Gently wiggle the tube to see if it'll start to give a bit. Keep rocking until you get it out. Make DAMN sure you clean away any accumulated grease and dirt around the base of the tube BEFORE you start to take it out! ANY dirt that drops in the hole is gonna go thru the oil pump and into the inner workings of the engine! Bad JUJU![xx(]
      Likewise, be sure to cover that hole while you're working with that freeze plug. You just KNOW where any dropped rust and gunk would go if that hole's left open. [:0]
      And use a brass freeze plug as a replacement. Won't rust thru like the old one has.
      If that filler tube is REALLY tight, Stuff a rag down it, grip the upper edge of it securely with a pair of pliers and tap against the nose of the pliers to jar the tube up and out. The rag will keep any metal bits the plier jaws might cause, from falling in side the engine. To reinstall the tube, start it by hand (again, stuffing a rag just inside the top end of the tube) and use a block of wood and a hammer to seat it securely back into place. [^]

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