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    I'm in the process of completely rewiring my new-to-me 51 Commander, equipped with a DG200 Auto transmission. I discovered that my anti-creep circuitry is out of service, and that the standard in-line valve has been replaced with a Wilwood proportioning valve, etc. I would prefer to remove the ratty wires and forget about the anti-creep altogether--is there any downside to doing so?

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    There'll be no problems with eliminating the anti-creep setup (unless you're bothered by creeps alot![:0]) I don't understand how a porportioning valve could take it's place tho. Maybe that valve was an attempt to address some other problem a previous owner had.[B)]
    One thing I would do is find the four wheel brake units off a '54 or later Stude V8 can and swap them onto that '51. Those original brakes are marginal at best in today's traffic! Of course, you could go to Turner or Steeltech disc conversions for the fronts and just keep the original rears. Then you need a residual pressure valve in the line that goes to the rear brakes.

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