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  • York

    I've seen several people mention going to 'York'. What is it? It sounds like it must be a large parts market or Studebaker convention.


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    The Keystone Region Swap Meet is held every year at York, Pennsylvania. This year it is March 4 thru 6. It is the Spring Fling of the Studebaker crowd. Lots of vendors, lots of attendees. It is the place where the elite meet. Be there or be square. I hope you can make it. Join SDC and see the ad in your Turning Wheels.
    Tim K.
    Tim K.
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      I went for my first trip to York 2 years ago. If I wasn't all the way on the west coast, I'd be there every year. My thing is, I need to SELL - not buy any more! And it's just too far to haul a load or have it shipped. You'll experience total immersion in the Stude culture if you go tho!
      I tried to drum up enthusiasim for a West Coast copy of York but the parts folks I know out this way are pretty apathetic about the idea. That's a shame too, because there's lots of "good stuff" out this way that would probably come out to play if only there was a proper meet to go to.[V]

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