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51 Commander Rewire

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  • 51 Commander Rewire

    I'm about to begin rewiring my new-to-me Commander, and while I've rewired other old vehicles, I'm curious to learn any "do's and don'ts" any other SDC members may have for me regarding Studebakers. I"ve enlarged and colored my wiring schematic, have my harnesses in hand from Studebakers West, and purchased a 6 volt alternator-- but I'm sure there are a few 'tricks' I need to be aware of...

    Many thanks!!!

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    There's really nothing peculiar to Stude wiring. The only thing I'd say is to snake the new harness in alongside the old one (behind the dash) and pull one connector off at a time and then replace it with the corresponding connector from the new harness. As far as where it goes through the firewall, cut the old harness there so you can feed the new one into the engine compartment. That way you can pull and replace connectors in the same fashion in the engine bay like you did under the dash.

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