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    I'm going to be replacing all of the bushings on the upper and lower controll arm. I,m going to be replacing the old rubber bushing with this "delrin", I've never heard of this stuff but plenty of people who have used it say it's good. My biggest question is how hard is it going to be to replace these bushing. I have a complete shop manuel and details on the controll arm, I'm also purchasing the special spreader tool so that i don't have the out arm binding. This is just the first time I'm doing any suspension work on a car so I'm just trying to plan the attack and what kind of problems might arise, or thing that might not be specified in the shop manuel, that only experience can tell me.

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    I don't think you're gonna find that the poly bushings are gonna give you any more installation problems than the stock bushings Ray. I'm sure that you already know that you have to have a press to get 'em in and out, but you're already aware of the tools needed, (and that spreader IS needed), if you go right by the "book", I think you'll whip right through the whole thing.

    I've never done a poly bushing swap, and I'm interested in the ride/handling after you get it goin' again. Keep us updated will ya? Thanks in advance.



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      Those inner bushings - the one's you'll be replacing with the delrin - can be a buggar to get out. While a press can be handy, I find an air chisel can save hours of knuckle-busting with a hammer and various drifts!

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        Put your Delrin bushings in the freezer about an hour befor installing and use some anti seez on them. Back up the A arm with a peice of pipe and tap them in with a hamer. Thats the best way I have found. It is amazing how easy they go in when frozen.

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