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48 jeep with a studebaker flat head

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  • 48 jeep with a studebaker flat head

    Hi I am new here and would like some help. I have a 1948 willys jeep Cj2A with a flat head 6cyl. I belive it is a studebaker. I was told that a studebaker weasel engine would fit the jeeps trans. The person I bought is off off did not know that the engine was not a willys engine. He has owened the jeep from 1978 so the engine can not be older than that. It runs good, I did get a # off the side of the head # S 25 363 A. On the top of the engine it has the fiering ourder and has the numbers CK 642506. Any help trying to ID this engine would help me out thaks,

    Frank M

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    If it the number is to be believed, sounds like a 1951 Champion engine, 170 cid. THis swap seems to have been common as I have seen many Jeeps advertised with the Stude CHamp six in it. As well as engines that were pulled from Jeeps.

    Basically the Champ engines bellhousing bolted right up to the T-90 tranny in the jeeps.


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      If indeed it's a Studbaker "170" they changed the engine and transmission. the input shaft in a Jeep is different. And all that is needed is the change the tail shaft connector (or what ever it's called) slip the one off the Jeep, slide it on the Studebaker. The shifting rods are the same place. Easy swap.

      Welcome to our Stude world.



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        Thak you for the info, where can I get info on the Chapion 170 cid?


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          What do you want to know about the 170, Frank? We can help, I'm sure.

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            Thanks Guys

            How do I knnow for shure this is the engine that I have?
            Where can I get parts for it?
            Is it a good engine? (this one had not ran from 1983 till about a few weeks ago, Runs like nice)


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              OK Frank, On the left front corner of the engine block (drivers side), right where the head meets the block, (assuming this is a Stude engine)there's a little machined area with some numbers stamped into it. There SHOULD be numbers stamped into it I should say - because there's a off chance that this is/was a replacement engine and those came without any numbers stamped there.
              Scrape away any accumulated grease and tell us what numbers are stamped (not raised-embossed-cast, but stamped) thereupon. I can quickly tell you whether or not it's a Studee - and if so, what vintage. This same basic engine was used from '39 thru '60!
              IF it is, you'll be tickled to know that parts are readily available from many sources. It's really a sweet-running little engine. I've built several over the years and I'm always impressed at how quiet and smoothly they run. It should be power match for your Jeep. There's even some folks that provide hop-up options if you wanna get flashy and add more zip.
              Get back here with those numbers OR E-mail me a photo of the engine, as viewed from the passenger's side.

              Miscreant at large.
              No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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                Mr Biggs

                My carb is on the driverside of the engine, I have a machined area on the passanger side front corner that reads S 25 363A.


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                  If the carb's on the drivers side of the Jeep (assuming its left hand drive) its not a Studebaker engine. On all Stude sixes, at least from 1939 on the carb is on the passenger side of the engine.