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alternator upgrade?

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  • alternator upgrade?

    hi everybody,
    I want to install an alternator in my 62 gt hawk. Can anyone tell me what alternator to by and the procedure on how to do the swap. thanks[8D]

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    Look on this web-site (SDC site) under "Tech Tips, Specs and Data", under "Alternator Swaps". It will give you most of the information you need. Only thing is, I would't use the "1-wire" G.M. alternator, because you may not get any charge at very low idle. Need to rev it up some. But check the other G.M. alternator, the one with 3 wires, it would do better.
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      Go to this web site and click the tab "Electrical Tech". The author will explain why one wire alternators are best suited for stationary engines and industrial equipment. The three wire system works for cars/trucks.

      Heres the link

      I installed a Gm Alternator three wire system using his kit and it works excellent. I built the mount and I already had the alternator off my dead 84 GMC 3/4 ton diesel truck.

      Its good reference material!


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        Try using a Ford alternator,,preferably 70 amp's and up.
        or you could take your alternator to your friendly rebuild guy and have him swap out the Diode's and such for heavier duty one's.
        The parts are pretty cheap and you can do it yourself if your handy with the soldering iron. It'll cost about $60 i know cos i had my alternator upgraded on my F150 4X4

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