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    From Woody--
    I should be sending your ignition lock soon. I want you to know that
    the first two pins were really worn and when I went to make a key for
    the lock, the next time I tried the key, the key didn't work. I noticed
    that each time the key was inserted into the it would raise the first
    two pins a different height depending on where the key hit the worn
    pins. There was no way of telling what the original lock pin lengths

    After discovering that the lock was worn out, I rebuilt the lock using
    new upper and lower pins and new copper springs. I also cleaned the
    lock and lubricated it. Essentially you have a new lock using the
    depth and space guide developed by Studebaker.

    You will also notice that the keys are stamped with the code of: S
    5168. This is Studebakers' key code for your ignition lock now. Keep
    in mind this number and if you loose your keys, any locksmith who can
    make keys by code can make a replacement key by this code. I'm also
    sending a couple nickel plated brass keys as they are more durable.

    I'm sorry if you had plans on being able to lock and unlock the car just
    by having the ignition key cut by itself, but you will remember I did
    say to send all locks that this key may open to make sure that they are
    still keyed alike. If you have door locks that need to be keyed to this
    ignition, you can send them to me to do. I'll need to cover the cost of
    shipping, so include a check for that amount.

    If you have any questions, you can contact me at

    "If you have a duplicate key made, you still have a worn out key. If
    you have Kode Kut Keys make you a duplicate, they cut a new key from
    their code machine."


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    Man-o-man, this is great news! Glad to know that we have a key man who's so conscientious and makes it so easy to get the locks and keys fixed and available! Thanks a million Woody, there's no doubt that you're gonna be a real popular guy![^]



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      We've actually got two, I haven't had to have any lock repair done but I have had "Shiva" who posts to the Studebaker NG cut keys to code for me for all of my Studebakers and have had good luck. My '62 hardtop apparently either had the locks changed at some point in time and/or the copy of the build sheet that I got with the car had had the key code for the doors/ignition mis-transcribed, and he worked with me to get it right (I ended up measuring my existing, worn key with my dial calipers and sent him the measurements, and he translated that into what the depth of the cuts *should* be for a new, unworn key.) Nice to deal with people that will take the time to do the job correctly. I took the keys that he cut me and then had them copied onto the new repro key blanks, just 'cause they're cool

      I haven't dealt with Woody yet just because Shiva has been hooking me up, but it's good to know that there's another guy out there who's been treating people right.


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        I hate to say it Nate, but I don't think we can expect too much help from that person. He's posted some very negative things about these forums on the NG, (at least a couple times that I know about). [:0] It's a shame, he complained that nobody responded to the only post that he made. The thing of it is, I just don't understand it, the post didn't appear to NEED a response! [?] I'm afraid that he's decided that this is a bad place, [}] (at least that's the idea I got from his negative NG posts). I doubt that we'll be hearing from this person, at least not favorably. I'm more than happy to do business with someone who's happy being here!

        In fact, you can decide for yourself, here's the only post......

        Shiva wrote on 10/28/04:

        "The aftermarket keyblanks are not easy to find necessarily. The information is somewhat difficult to translate from the original numbers, to new manufacturing blanks. But, some are still in use in newer vehicles. Like the Hurd H5 is used in the late 90' Winnebago door locks. Some of the yale are used in desk locks, and similar. OEM keys are a different story (logo type) Cutting them is simple."