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1952 2R 6 transmission

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  • 1952 2R 6 transmission

    I recently bought a '52 2R 6 on Ebay. The truck is stock, runs good and according to what I have read should have an AS4-T90B 3 speed transmission with overdrive. Is this the same base T90 that was used in the Jeep? I know the gear ratio is different and most Jeeps had a top shifter but are the base parts like bearings, syncros and seals the same? Also the transmission pops out of 2nd gear if I coast while in 2nd. Any ideas what may be causing this?

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    I believe it was fundamentally the same, although the input shaft and retainer are likely different. I think you can swap a Jeep floor shifter on, if that's where you were going with that question, although it's not quite as simple as just bolting it on.

    Popping out of gear - check your motor mounts first, then worry about the tranny internals.

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      I'm not looking to put a floor shifter in it. As parts seem to be plentiful for the Jeep T90 I wanted to know if I can use the same internal parts. Can you recommend a Stude vendor that would have T90 parts? I do get some grinding when going into 2nd and 3rd and more so when it is warmed up. I don't know if it's a mal-adjusted clutch or if the transmission is in need of a rebuild.

      Thanks for the response. I will check the mounts.