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    I have a 64 GT Hawk, that has a 62 partial flow engine in it (put in by prior owner back when swapping Stude engines was a cheap and easy alternative). I ordered a rebuilt starter from Stude Intl and specified that I have a partial flow 289. When I received it, it has a tag on it that says "62-64 V-8". My question is, just in case, does the same starter work on a partial flow 62 289 as a full-flow 62 289? I see that bendix drive is the same for 61-64 in their cataloge.

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    I believe that while there may be several different part numbers and possibly even mfgrs. for starters, for a Stude V-8 there are only four basic versions - 6V and 12V, and for each of those sickshift or auto. If you get a starter from a car with the same voltage and transmission you are good to go. Teh tag is probably telling you that that exact starter that you got is *correct* for 62-64.


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      Nate is correct. As long as three criteria have been met, you'll do OK. Those criteria are: that you recieved a starter for a V8 (there's no difference between one for a full flo or partial flo), that it's a starter rated for 12 volts and that it's a starter for standard shift or automatic. Those are the 3 defining factors to getting the right sort of starter.
      As far as the full-flo engine vs. partial flo, the two are virtually the SAME engine save for the way the oil filtration is achieved. There's no other differences that would affect parts considerations.

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        Thanks for the info...I'm almost good to go for me holiday project. I'm planning to jack up the front of the GT on the flat part of the front crossmember, just ahead of the 4 sided "box" (Steering?) that juts down in the middle, using a wood board to distribute the stress. I'm a little edgy about the front crossmember, as I've found some rust flakes and debris up in there, but was not able to stick a screwdriver through anything (a restoration shop checked it out too about a year ago). Has anyone used Jasco or similar (Phosphoric acid) to spray up in there to stabilize the metal? The outer part was POR-15'd, but not the inside. The rest of the front-end (springs/arms/pins)were "restored" a couple of years ago, but not much else. I know its just a band-aid, but it will be a while until I can afford to have any work done on it. Any thoughts or suggestions? Also, where should I place the jack stands on the lower control arms? ON the rounded edge of the "hole" near the outer pin? There's not a lot of flat space. Thanks!