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    what was the diference between the new and old truck beds starting in about 49 andf up to like 62? Didn't the early Chanmp trucks take a wider version of the earlier bed? what was the dimension difference, and did they take different width tailgates, too? I'm also wondering about those old two speed rearends. What were the differebt ratios?

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    Stude used the same, basic "stepside" bed from '49 thru to the end on 1/2 & 3/4ton PU trucks. Of course, there were 6ft and 8ft beds and even a 9footer on some 1ton PUs after '56. In 1955 they made these beds 3 inches wider than they had been earlier. That's why the tailgates are wider for the later ones.
    Starting in '61 they offered a "fleetside" bed that was actualy a bed that Dodge had used on an earlier Dodge PU (59 or so). They simply changed the tailgate letters to "Studebaker" and the shape of the front corners of the sidewalls.

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