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    quote:Originally posted by desertdoc

    I totally understand that a Studebaker motor would fit quite well, in fact perfectly. What I was asking was what other motors would work. Due to the fact that a 64 challenger is not worth a whole lot, I really see no reason to drop a large sum of cash on a motor that is honestly average. I respect the fact that a lot of the gentlemen in this forum are restoration oriented. I just want a running car with some cahones. If any of the guys out there that have modified their Stude would like to give me some advise I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
    Heh, heh... You must not be a heart doctor. Right up front, I'm not a strictly restoration oriented Studebaker gentleman. I particularly prefer the high performance aspects of Studebakers. I have modified Studebakers, although they're modified with all Studebaker parts.

    There are LOTS of engines that would go into your Lark Doc. What Would you like to spend your money on? Actually, the better question is, how much do you want to spend? I feel strongly that you may be passing up a great opportunity. I think the BEST engine, the one that has had some awesome successes, and has definitely made believers of those others with the correct engine in their cars, has been a certain '64 Challenger that mops 'em up at the Pure Stock Muscle Car Drags, (not to mention a '63 Lark who raises hell amongst them too).

    Heck, like Nate says, slap a Chevy right on in there. Lots of parts available, it's easy, and sounds like it'll be just what you're lookin' for. But before you make a final decision, please take a look here,

    I do think you're incorrect on a couple of counts though. The Challenger IS worth something, mebbe not the same *money* as a '64 Chebby, but to some of us, it's worth far exceeds it's value. Also, please do a bit of homework and you'll find that the strengths and capabilities of a Studebaker V8 is something like a best kept secret, except that all the racing records it has to it's credit are a bit tough to hide.

    I prefer to not be average, that's exactly why I'm a Studebaker kinda guy. Good luck and hope to see you Studebakering soon......



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      You know that the deduction for donated vehicles deadline is approaching soon. According to your "Studebuddies" that that thing will be worth a million. You should donate it to the blind and take the deduction, cause then no one would care what that ugly piece of junk looks like.
      If it aint broke;fix it anyway


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        Dear "Cudaman". The CORRECT spelling is "COMEDIAN".

        Miscreant at large.
        No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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          If it ain't broke;fix it anyway