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Getting back on the T-cab

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  • Getting back on the T-cab

    After a very long time setting in the corner half done, the T-cab is being shown some love. While Zach is putting the final touches on the body and paint work for the 69 Camaro, I decided to try and finish up the 64 T-cab. All the paint work has been done for some time and I had decided to do some mods before putting the front end back on. I took a piece of flat bar and made a cage to put around the steering arm that bolts to the frame in order to strengthen it up to prevent side to side movement. Finished that up and now am adding electric fuel pump and changing the brake master cylinder to a dual unit with booster. Any advice on that change ? I've also added a mopar manifold and a Holley 450 cfm 4 barrel to the 259 converted to a 289. Decided to go with the smaller carb to see how it would perform. Also needed to do a little modifying to the idler pulley on the Vintage Air AC kit to get it to work with the later thermostat housing. The kit was designed for a 1957 Hawk I think. The housing points in a little different direction (right into the idler) so I used a chevy housing and cut and rewelded one of the idler bracket attachment arms.

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    Good luck on the T-Cab... I'm working on mine to convert it to a more modern convenience. So I'm interested in seeing what comes up with the power brake booster/dual master cylinder setup.
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