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  • transmition

    i wondering if anybody out there has a T-10 transmission for a 63' 6 cyl. or knows of any place that might have one. It can be used or nos. i've already tried a stude shop out in florida and looking for any other places.

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    Cosmo, no T-10s were ever used in Stude 6-cylinder cars. This is not to say that one couldn't be ADAPTED to work with a 6 but again, you're talking about as much work (engineering) as fitting a T-5 to it. Stude 6s came with an automatic or a 3spd / 3spdOD as far as cars went. You COULD get a truck 4-spd behind a 6 (in a truck only), but that's a massive, clunky tranny that wouldn't begin to fit in a car. And you wouldn't like the way it performed anyway. It was a heavy duty WORK unit - not a fun-shifting, performance piece.
    Back to the T-10 (used behind Stude V-8s in cars), NOS - forget it. Used and not in need of an overhaul, figure $500-up. Then you'd hafta adapt it to the 6's bellhousing and clutch and also adapt the T-10's clutch linkage, assuming you'd gotten all that when you bought the tranny.
    You COULD just buy a modern, aftermarket hydraulic clutch setup and adapt it to the T-10 but again, it's a matter of designing and making the necessary bits to fit the slave cylinder to the clutch linkage.
    We're back to the 3spd/OD tranny being the best and easiest way to get more driveability out of that 6. Get the parts - bolt them on. And with a 3spd/OD tranny, you can drive it like a 5-spd.
    Start in first, shift to second, then second OD, then third and then third OD. Count 'em Cosmo - five gears.
    Of course, your car - your choice. There's nothing says you hafta take our advice.

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      well thank for the extra advice. i guess i'm gonna go buy this rebuild set for the trans in downtown, it'll be alot easier for me in the long run to just rebuild it myself and alot more fun