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more brake & bolt pattern conversion questions

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  • more brake & bolt pattern conversion questions

    ok studebaker geniuses ive asked this question before
    and gotten good replys but im only half way through the problem

    im changing my 50's 4 lug to 5 lug 41/2 pattern and been told 51 or newer spindles, backing plates and drums would solve the problem

    now my new question is will the kingpins/control arms need to be changed or are they the same on my 50 as on the donor car ( i believe its a 57 but not sure)

    and other than driving from the northside of town all the way to the deep southside and using a dial caliper to measure the id of the spindle hole and the od of the kingpin as well as the length of the kingpin ect .... does anyone (maybe sonny cause we have discussed that you did this same conversion using 63 spindles) have the knowledge on hand to help me figure this out so i can do one trip and get EVERYTHING i need from the donor car to do the proper conversion ( I NEED DETAILS )

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    Thanks for the great compliment, but I'm no genius, and I have the scarred knuckles to prove it! [] Ok, remember, I used a '63 parts car, but I believe that the spindles are all the same. Soooo..., from your parts car, get just the spindle assemblies, backer plates, drums, and all the brake parts inside the drums that are usable. You do not need to change the king bolts, control arms, etc.. BUT, check the '50 king bolts Very carefully for wear, (as they usually are well worn, mine were completely shot). Buy a king bolt seal kit, (has seals and shims), strip the old stuff off your '50 down to the king bolts, install the "new" spindle assembly according to the shop manual, using the new seals and shims, then install the backer plates, brakes, drums. One note, compare the steering arms between the '50 and the parts car, you may have to use the '50 steering arms.

    Will that do it for ya?



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      thanks again sonny youve been a big help so far (i just wish you were here to add your knowledge in the feild)

      anyways thanks again

      lemmee know if you want some pics of the car so far and ill email them to ya

      bye for now

      oh yeah ill keep you posted on conversion progress


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        oh yeah one other thing anybody need some good working spindles and and brakes off a 50 thats four lug ill be selling these soon

        email inquires


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          Do I want pictures? Is the Pope a good Catholic? HELL yeah, I'll always take pics! Thanks for the kind words, and I wish I could be there to give you a hand too. Honestly, it's greasy, grimy work, but it's real straight forward and the results are WELL worth the effort. Have I mentioned that I REALLY like to see pictures of a project as it goes along? Once again, you're very welcome, any time and I'm lookin' forward to seeing/hearing how it goes for ya.