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Turner Brake Conversion

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  • Turner Brake Conversion

    I have both the dual master cylinder and front disc converstion kits for installation in my '57 Hawk automatic. Anyone done this that has any tips that weren't covered in the included instructions? I'm also curious about the necessity of having stand-alone residual pressure valves. As long as the built in master cylinder valves are matched, i.e. disc/drum m/c used with disc/drum brakes at the front and rear, there should be no problem. Also, anyone tried to incorporate their stock hydrovac into the dual m/c set up?

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    I did the Turner conversion on my '54 3R6 pickup and am very pleased with the results. The installation was very simple and went according to Jim's excellent instructions. You will need to do some brake line fabrication, so access to a good tubing bender and flaring tool is needed.

    The residual valve in the factory M/C had to be defeated, but that was easily accomplished with an 1/8" drill bit. If your M/C already has the correct residual valves built in, there is no need to add the stand alone valve. Remember, though, if you use a drum brake residual valve (10 psi) on the disc brake circuit (2 psi), you may end up with your brakes locked up. Also, residual valves are only needed if the M/C is mounted under the vehicle, i.e., lower than the brake calipers and/or wheel cylinders. If the M/C is mounted on the firewall, residual valves are not needed.

    An adjustable proportioning valve is also recommended for the rear circuit. Again, if your M/C already has the correct proportion valve attached, a stand alone valve is not needed.

    I also installed disc brakes on the stock Dana 44 rear end and am pleased with them as well.

    Even though I also purchased the dual M/C kit for this truck, I have yet to see the need to install it. The brakes work fine with the stock M/C.


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      Give Jim Turner a call.
      He can talk you through about anything with his kits, which are top shelf.

      One reason for the residual check valves is to prevent siphoning of the brake fluid because the master cylinder is lower than the calipers. There are 2 types of residual check valves (2 psi and 10 psi IIRC)...

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