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63 Champ

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  • 63 Champ

    I would like to add power steering to my 63 Champ 3/4 ton pickup. I have a unit out of a 63 Lark station wagon. Both are V8s. Both have an automatic transmission. What kind of problems do I need to solve or is it possible? I need the power steering because I'm becoming so buff from rassling it around that I have to constantly fight off the women which cuts into my Studebaker time. Thanks for your help.

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    Hey Richard! You have a Studebaker there in the UAE?!?! COOL! Welcome home! Is the UAE your permanent home?

    Anyway, the pump stuff, from the engine of the car, will work for your truck, but that's where the good news ends. You'll have to find a truck with power steering, because it's not the same as the car underneath. I've seen the setups on ebay, but they are rather scarce. Is the king bolts and steering components in good mechanical condition and greased real well? They ARE kind of hard steering anyway though. Hope you can get a lead on the truck stuff here. Where are ya StudeBob? I know you'll know where he can get fixed up. Once again, welcome home Richard, hope to see ya here often. I know what you mean about having to fight the women off, it happens to me all the time too!



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      hey Richard, you need to contact Chuck Collins at
      He put power steering on a '63 Champ using Hawk bits. He also posted a little ditty about the process online. Here's the link

      steve blake
      steve blake...roaming the Texas Panhandle in my trusty Champ pickup