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Found,1948 3/4 Ton Truck

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  • Found,1948 3/4 Ton Truck

    Hey guys, seems like when you get interested in Studebakers you must put out vibes to other owners. I got to talking to a man the other day and the subject of Studebakers came up. He said he knew of a old truck that a guy had in a building not far from here. I asked if the guy would let me look at it and was it for sale. Long story short , he did let me look it over and it is for sale. It's a 48 3/4 ton truck. very solid and runs great. He said he would take me a ride in it but the brake lines were bad. He wants $5,000.00 for it which is way out of my budget but thought someone here may be interested. It is located in southern Ohio, if anyone is interested give me a yell.

    Mike Carter

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    [:0] WOW! In other words, the guy took you on a fishing trip instead of giving you a ride in the truck! Too much money unless you come back and tell us it looks really REALLY nice. But $5K for a truck you can't drive.
    This '48 - is it an M-series or a 2R series, C-cab truck? There's always confusion since the '49s were introduced WAY early.

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      It's a 2R series and it has very little rust. It has collector plates on it and apears very solid. It would be a perfect truck to do a really good restoration on if 3/4 trucks happen to be your thing. As I said before I could't afford it so I'm just passing it along in case some other Studebaker nut may be interrested.

      Mike Carter


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        If it is a 2R, it is not a 1948. 2Rs came out as 1949 models. They did come out in the year 1948 (as most models come out in the calendar year ahead of the model year). Some were registered/titled as 1948 because that is when they were delivered new. Many have been titled as 1948 so that they can enter NSRA events. The net is, if it is a 2R Studebaker truck, it is a 1949-1953 model year.
        Gary L.
        Wappinger, NY

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