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  • windows

    im wondering where i can find the felt like linning for the door windows. dont know exactly what its called, but i need it all around my window to stop the rattling cause right now its just glass and metal. so if anyone knows a place where i can buy it or order it i would appreciate it

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    Studebaker International is the easiest to find. JC Whitney has it too, but you need to measure exactly what you have. Get yourself a SI catalog......



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      Almost any auto glass shop should be able to provide you with the whiskers for your glass. Pretty much standard item.

      Own '53 Commander Starliner. Red w/beige top. 350 Chev/700R4. Tilt,cruise,A/C.
      Own \'53 Commander Starliner. Red w/beige top. 350 Chev/700R4. Tilt,cruise,A/C.


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        What BeeJay says is good advice. Shipping can be expensive to where it's lots cheaper to get it at a local auto glass shop.
        Once you get the door glass out to facilitate replacing the felt channel, USE the corner of the window glass to form the bend in the channel. In other words DON'T bend it freehand. You'll muck it up! Cut the channel an inch longer than it needs to be. Then lay the channel in position across the top edge of the glass. Holding it tight to the glass right where it's gonna make that bend, gently form it around that corner of the glass while wiggling the channel a bit to facilitate the chromed beads on either side to give - or slide - some. This will ensure a nice contour and not one all kinked and bungled if you try to do it without using the glass to shape it.
        Since that channel strip is gonna be longer than the back edge of the glass, it might be good to chuck the glass seat in a vise so you have clearance to work the long channel piece around. Just be real careful HOW you tighten that vise lest you crack the glass!

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