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rims and tires

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  • rims and tires

    I would like to change my rims and tires to aftermarket wheels. Can anyone tell if another auto manufacturer uses a similar bolt pattern and offset? I have a 1966 2 door V-8 Daytona? I suspect another auto manufacturer uses the same bolt pattern which would make it easy for me to select rims. If I can find custom rims, does anyone know what the largest tire I can use without rubbing?
    Thanx, in advance, for any assistance.

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    From the Turning Wheel Classifieds:
    Avanti and Studebaker owners: Get better handling and be safer with new 15x6 wider rims. Ideal for radials P205 or P215. Wheels look almost identical to original equipment. Immediate shipment. Use original nuts. Guaranteed to fit disk brake equipped cars. $45 each plus UPS. Bob Helm Studebaker Parts, 19036 FM2755, Royse City TX 75189. 972-843-3402 after 6 pm CST. (2/04-6/05/p)
    om the Turning Wheels Classifieds:
    Tim K.
    Tim K.
    \'64 R2 GT Hawk


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      The best guy I know that has a pretty good handle on the tire stuff is N8N, a member here. Nate?



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        I have 15X6 wheels from a late '80's (rear wheel drive) Chrysler New Yorker on my '64 Daytona. (Chrysler also made alloy wheels for these models that some have used on Studebakers.) These wheels are readily available at wrecking yards. As for clearance, I'm using 205/70X15 radials on these wheels and they clear very well. I had a 215 mounted for comparison and it was too big for my liking.

        MarkC, 64 Y8
        Working in Spokane, WA


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          Tahnx MarkC for the response. I found a web site using Google that really helped. It is:



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            I started to throw up some wheel dims on my web site


            download the parts interchange spreadsheet and it's on the last page I think. My intent goal was to stuff the absolute biggest tires I could under my car. I can tell you that a 7" wide wheel with 3" backspace is almost too wide for the rear, you'll be better off with 6" all around if you can find them, or more backspace. I wouldn't even try 7" in the front. IIRC the Ford wheels have more backspace than the Chrysler wheels and I think that's what you want for a Stude, I went with the Chrysler wheels for the wider track and had a little "issue" with tight corners and passengers in the car with me (of course, that was before I put new HD springs on the front too, I haven't tried those wheels since.)

            55 Commander Starlight


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              Take a look at Thats the e-mail address. These are the nicest guys you'd ever want to deal with. He sells a lot of stuff on E-Bay. Makes several types of custom wheels and will work with you to make them fit. I use 15 X 7 5 lug 4.5 bolt pattern with 205/75r15, Man what a great ride. Good luck


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                hi i just purchased 1988-1992 ford ranger wheels
                for my 62 and I was thinking of putting P195/15 tires
                on them which are 5 1/2 wide.
                does any one have any comment on this.


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                  As long as the wheels fit your Stude, I don't think you'll have any problems at all John. They fit disc brakes and are made of much better alloy than our 40+ year old wheels. Enjoy!



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                    For all: There is a guy in French Camp, CA named Pete Paulson who is an old time hot rodder. He makes wheels to your specs. I had him custom build 15x6" wheels for me for about $40 ea. I ran 215X60X15 with room to spare all around. Can't lay my hands on his contact info at the moment but I'm sure a Google search will find it.

                    Escondido, CA


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                      Just checked Pete Paulsons site. He must have gotten greedy, prices are double what I paid a few years ago for unpainted, custom offset steel wheels. He does have good prices on American Racing and other after market wheels. The wheels advertised in TW look like the best bet.[B)]


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                        Mopar rims from the late '70s-mid '80s (such as police car wheels) will fit Studebakers, as well as most Ford rims, and AMC rims (although I have only seen 14"). All have 4 1/2" lug patterns. I don't recommend Jeep rims because they can bind the front drums to where they won't turn.


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                          I bought Ford Ranger 4x4 Rims from a Wheel and Rim Co locally that looked to be the same as the ones sold in TW.

                          I believe this number has been published in the Cooperator section of TW several times lately

                          NWRA(National Wheel and Rim Association) # x40273. I bought 5 ea for my 59 Lark ($36.00 ea plus tax) and the fit just fine.
                          They even use the same size lugnuts as the stock Stude wheel.