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Installing Catwhiskers and Weatherstripping

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  • Installing Catwhiskers and Weatherstripping

    I am in the process of replacing all of the rubber and window seals on my '52 Champion Starlite. I've got the four wrap around windows done in the rear. I used a 3-M glazing product on these with good results. My question as I move around the car to the doors is the reattachment of the cat whisker to the inside door trim. The original fasteners are staples. Is there another procedure that can be used such as molding trim adhesive tape? Any other pointers on trunkseals, door seals will be handy. I also have the windshield to reseal. Gotta get this car fixed so I can drive it in the rain.

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    I am restoring a 49 Commander and have decided to use a 2 part epoxy to hold the cat whiskers on. I tried one and it seems to work. One word of advice on the rubber around the doors. Make sure you use the right type for the sill section. It is of a different profile than what wraps around the rest of the door seal channel. Also use the black adhesive most of what I find is yellow and shows up real bad if you get too much on the rubber. I wish I had looked for 3M 2side weatherstrip adhesive tape. It would be much cleaner to work with.
    ALSO if you plan to put a new headliner in do it BEFORE you put the REAR window in, since you must remove the rear window to remove and install a headliner.

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      If you're a bit sloppy with the WS adhesive, get a can of 3M adhesive remover to clean up with. At about 8 bucks a can (BIG can!) it'll last a long time and it can be use to clean lots of other stuff off your Stude's finish - inside and out - for years to come. I wouldn't be without a can of it in my arsenal of car care stuff.

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        Thanks for the advice. And I do know about this 3M adhesive remover. Here is how I have decided to tackle this project on the catwhiskers. I found enough room on the trim side of the window to drill 1/4 inch holes using the staple holes as drilling guides. I then used the clips that got shipped with the weatherstripping kit from Studebaker Int'l. It looks like it was meant to be. On to the window channel. I got the helpful hint about bending the run around the glass from an above forum. I should be good to go. Thanks again.