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Jet Thrust Engine FS

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  • Jet Thrust Engine FS

    Here's a nice JT, R1 engine and automatic transmission for sale. Kelly Marion is a straight up guy, you can believe his description of this engine and tranny.

    I have a NOS first gear start HD FOM automatic tranny FS. I got this from E-bay and ATR (Mike Dotson in Montana) I have never installed the tranny, but Mike has been right as rain in the past. The engine was purchased from Florida for $1400 including shipping, supposedly rebuilt. Arrived to find a JT block with a good turned crank and a mess of used truck parts. I had the block completely cleaned, bored, honed, rods resized, deck and line bore checked. Heads are "976" from a '57 Golden Hawk, new stainless exh valves with hard seats, new intakes, new Commander six (R-1/R-2) valve springs, DD's oil return modes and a mild polish and port and gasket match. Block cleaned throughly, oil mods done for good return. Rechromed the "R" valve covers and R-1 air cleaner, obtained a chrome oil galley cover. Obtained a "R" baffeled oil pan, new oil pump, "R" water pump amd R-1 fuel pump. Older water manifold. Everything new or renewed, no shade tree rebuild. Never ran the way I wanted in my '62 GT, 4 speed, 3.31 rear. Blower or no. Just not enough "snap" for me. Always 20# oil pressure hot. idle, 60# hot at speed. Ran great, just I expected more. Cranking pressure=125 equal, dead on every cylinder at 7000' elevation, do the math. Missing the "R" harmonic balancer. No carb. AFB manifold included. I'm up to Flagstaff for the day, then to the zone meet in Mesa tomorrow. This engine, and the FOM would be a perfect start on Bob Miles '63 R-1 Cruiser. My cell is 520-780-0475.
    I'm home at 10PM tonight, then Mesa in the AM. Make me an offer.
    Thanks, Kelly Marion