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Avanti II Question

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  • Avanti II Question

    I haven't kept up on the Avanti II cars. What year did they change over to a GM chassis? It looks like a fella can pick up an Avanti II pretty cheap, and if it has the Stude frame/running gear, it would be easy to slap a Stude V8/auto in and come up with a pretty good daily grocery getter.


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    The 1987 Avanti was the first Avanti to use the full GM (Monte Carlo) chassis. I bought 1987 Avanti VIN ---006 brand new. It was the fourth car that Mike Kelly sold to the public (he kept the first two for himself). 1963 through 1985 Avantis are on Studebaker frames with varying degrees of GM parts (as the years progressed), like engine, transmission, brakes. There were no 1986 Avantis manufactured.
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