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  • Parts I need...

    For some reason, the Studebaker parts purveyors (Stephen Allen's; Studebaker International, etc.) do not offer the vent window seals for the rear doors of those 1950 4-door sedans that have vent windows (i.e., Land Cruisers). Does anyone know of the availability of these seals? Can there be some other application that might fit?? I can't imagine that I'm the only one having this problem.

    Also, can anyone direct me to a working big 6 engine (245cc)? Or, to a rebuilt one, or to someone who would rebuild one in the South Jersey area (Vineland)? Thanks for whatever input you are willing to give me!!

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    You're NOT the first to encounter the rear vent seals problem and there's as yet - no known fix. Given what's probably LOW demand for such, probably no vendor's seen any "return for investment" on these.

    A GOOD working 245 is gonna be tough to locate. As to who would rebuild on where you're at, I haven't a clue. JDP???

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