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57 Golden Hawk Paint Codes

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  • 57 Golden Hawk Paint Codes

    Need paint mix codes for Dupont or other paint mfg for correct paint for 57 GH paint code P-5745(U) TIARA GOLD POLY. Ditzler Code No. 80924 - data from Paint Library so assume this data is correct? Thanks Myron Cowell email:

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    Myron; until you see a piece of metal sprayed with this paint and dried, so you can match it to a original door jam, firewall, inside of trunklid etc. you will NEVER know if their conversion is correct!
    [xx(] This is too valuable of a car to paint the WRONG color! I have almost never seen one of those computer matching systems where you give them a sample and the computer "matches" it, get it right. But some people have gotten lucky and got it right, very seldom with the new metalics though. Just have them keep mixing it until it does match.

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