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1950 Commander/Land Cruiser light switch

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  • 1950 Commander/Land Cruiser light switch

    Can anyone explain how to remove the light switch knob and light switch without a bit hard to see but cannot find a set screw for the knob etc..thanks..

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    OH, Bigaddams, hows it going! I thought you put the bullit to bed? Glad you are working on it. If I remember correctly they are half moon shaped and just pull off.Then there is a large nut with a theaded shaft. good luck see you on the other side!

    Studebakers forever!
    Studebakers forever!


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      Yes..the Bullit is basically in hibernation but I have access to a switch knob now for the busted one and I want to be sure I don't have two busted

      Being the big square pull knob/slides or whatever you wish to call them..I cannot for the life of me see just what to do to remove the knobs..they almost appear to be screwed on a threaded shaft when the knob is pulled fully forward, the backing nut removed and the switch is lifted from its slot and allows more forward movement..this may give me room to screw off the knob plate...wierd eh...

      Though the car is on the back burner and such I still am looking for known parts I will need. Tonight I installed 12 feet of counters in the shop to replace the counter I got years ago from a remodeled Lowes store..they were a bit to high to suit me..very nice surplus stuff from a local school auction..12 nice roller glide drawers. I seem to be always cleaning moving..SEARCHING for stuff in my afraid at this age I will never be what you called organized..I refered to it as "controlled chaos"


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        I hope you can get ahold of the remnants of the knob and pull it out to the stop (headlights ON positon). Then, find a tiny hole in the back of the switch (opposite side from where the wires are attached). Insert a very small tool shaft into the hole and push against a retainer spring, and at the same time pull out on the knob. To install a new knob just push it all the way in.
        With the knob removed you should be able to see the special switch retainer nut. There is a special tool to remove it. It's a little tubular T-handle with two small drive pins in the end to engage slots in the retainer nut.

        Dwain G.


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          Dwain ..thanks for the information..I am soaking the switch shaft now..seems they got a bit exposed to elements over time..I need only the donor knob and shaft switch is smooth operating and hopefully good to go. Once the shaft starts to move freely..will report back. Thanks for answering my question...this past week has been arrange and clean shop week..still a mess..installing new counter work tops and cabinet bases..