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Some Restoration Questions

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  • Some Restoration Questions

    I'm new to the Studebaker fold, having just put a down payment on a '51 Champion sedan(getting quotes from shippers now). It's about 95% restored-just needs a few minor things, but I have a few questionas about these things and hope someone can help me out.

    First, three of the inside door handles need to be replaced. The handles are in the car, but according to the current owner, there's supposed to be some sort of little plastic plates inside the door behind the door handle, and these are either missing, or worn out. I need to know exactly what these are called, and where I can get them. I also have to replace the passenger side front window(the main window, not the little roll-out window)because the owner recently cracked it while rolling it up too far, so I need a source for that. All the weather stripping has been replaced, except for the molding at the top of the windows, so I need that as well(this was how the window got cracked-the owner attempted to roll it up far enough to compensate for the molding being gone). The interior has been completely refurbished otherwise. The only thing that really needs to be done to the outside is to have some of the chrome refinished, though I'm considering a repaint down the line. The paint is fairly new; I just don't like the color. I'm also going to convert it over from the six-volt to the twelve-volt system, so if there's anything specific I need to know about doing that, and where I can obtain the needed parts, I'd appreciate that information. It's a gorgeous car, and I've been wanting one for a long time, so I am really looking forward to becoming a Stude driver!


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    Escutcheons are what those plastic trim pieces are. Part# 289191X3 from SI (317) 462-3124 $12 each. They'll also have the weatherstripping you need - ask them about it.

    The glass could be cut by just about any glass shop if you have the broken piece. Some old glass shops have patterns to work with for oldies. Then there's a firm selling sets of glass for Studes on ebay. They'd probably sell just one. Thing is, it's not hard to get.
    Fifth Ave antique auto parts has a book that covers changing voltage and polarity. Written by Randy Rundle. Neat thing about 51 & newer Studes is that there's 12 volt wiper and heater motors available and you can find 12 volt OD parts that will swap with the 6volt stuff. Your starter motor will work just fine on 12 volts and that's a good thing!

    BTW, WELCOME to the FOLD!!![:0]
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      I didn't think it would be too difficult, but no one else could tell me that name of those plastic things for the door handles, and it's kinda difficult ordering anything when you don't know what it's called!