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51 Champion Hood prop rod

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  • 51 Champion Hood prop rod

    I'm looking to replace the wooden stick that currently is used to hold up the hood on my wife's 51 Champion Coupe.
    Can someone tell me what, if any, other Studes use the same style, length hood prop rod?
    Anyone got one that they may want to sell?

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    I believe the part number is 292141 and is the same for a Champion and Commander, like Rockne mentioned. Call Stephen Allen's, they might be able to suggest someone who'd have a hood prop.

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      Without the parts catalog and, judging from the lack of response so far, I would guess the proper rod would only be from a 51 Champion or, perhaps, a 51 Commander. I know the 52 isn't right but don't know about the 50. It wouldn't be difficult to fabricate one from rod stock if you had a torch and anvil but you would need a pattern.
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