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torq converter

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  • torq converter

    can anyone tell me if a 12" torque converter can be replaced with an 11" one on a 50 landcruiser? The 12" is unique to the 1950 commander and the part # is different. Are the Champion crank bolt patterns the same? This is the lock-up converter with a DG 200.

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    Wow! I never knew there was a difference. I'd guess it might depend on the actual outer diameter of the RING GEAR on the outsid of the torque convertor. If it was overall, an inch less in diameter, i don't see how the starter drive could catch the ring gear.
    What's even more intriguing is that the parts book lists TWO different TCs for the '50 Commander! One it refers to as a "bolted type" and the other as a "welded type". Dwain? Bob? Someone? Wanna enlighten here?[:0]

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      we have an old dealership parts manual that has hand written that the welded one supercedes. I was hoping someone might have some out to look at or have delt with this before. Thanks