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The Avanti Challenge

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  • The Avanti Challenge

    I'm in the process of securing my 63 Avanti back onto the chassis. The explanation of this is real long and would only make sense to me, I think. But, I'm looking for a chassis measurement and that would be: from the front of the frame to the two welded bolt lockdowns on an original chassis. I hope this makes sense but I need the exact distance from where the body bolts down from inside the firewall/body floor to the front of the frame.

    On the Avanti frame there are two welded anchor bolts (one on each frame rail)that support the body and help bolt the body to the frame. Can anyone give me the exact distance from the front of the welded anchor positions to the front of the frame? (they should be the same for both frame rails)

    Having had to replace the original frame with a makeshift frame from a Lark wagon and the Avanti crossmember, it is now down to the final exact measurements to making the Avanti ride again.

    If anyone has an Avanti and they understand what I'm asking for, I sure would appreciate them jacking up there Avanti cralling under their car, and measuring that exact distance to an 1/8 of an inch.

    I know I'm asking a lot, but hell it's an Avanti. I've already drained the bank account on this one. I bought this car 1.5 yrs ago at the spring Charlotte auto swap meet. I saw a Green Avanti driving down interstate 77 going into Charlotte for the show. After seeing that Avanti, I started my hunt. That was the most beautiful car and it was crusising at 70mph.

    This has been a most challenging project, but it's like Julia Roberts in Pretty Womam, she sure did look good in that red dress. I was just at the Forrest City, NC car show this past weekend, out of 350 cars plus, not the first Avanti and only one Studebaker.

    All I can say, is thank you! [:I]Roger

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    I'm unsure what you mean by "welded bolt lockdowns"? The factory manual frame dimensions drawing shows 33 1/2" to the front of the dash and then 1 1/64" froward from that point to the center of the hole in the frame which is the first true body mount position EXCLUSIVE of the radiator support. This measurement begins at the front of the frame proper EXCLUSIVE of the plate welded to the top of the frame which is used as the radiator support attachment point. This "hole in the frame" I mention above is in the center of a U shaped plate which welds to the top of the frame. But to do what you are doing you gotta have this frame drawing. So I doubt I've added to your knowledge???????!

    wagone and the R2 Avanti


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      I don't fully understand that frame drawing. It shows 'front of dash' (meaning the firewall) being 1 1/64" behind those bolt holes. But on the car the firewall is a couple inches ahead of the front body mounts. Can take some truer measurements tomorrow, but just shoving a tape through the coil springs up to the tip of the frame rails it looks like it might be closer to 36 1/2".

      Dwain G.


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        When I dropped my Avanti body back onto the chassis, I first strung fishing weights thru the body holes and let them drop down to within an inch of the rolling chassis. I could then reposition the chassis under the body until everything was lined up. After that it was easy...
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        1970 Avanti (R3)


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          Roger, if you can post pictures of the area you are talking about and
          where you need the dimension to, I have an original '63 I can measure.

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            36.625" or 36 5/8" that is from the front of the frame to the center of the bolts on the U shaped step plate that holds the front body mount. the real front mount is 1.0625" in front of the front frame . There is a channel shaped piece welded on top of the frame that mounts the radiator frame.