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voltage regulator failure

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  • voltage regulator failure

    My '64 Commander V8 has blown 3 voltage regulators recently. These are the new solid state regulators that are being supplied by our normal Stude parts vendors. After the first regulator failed, I changed out the alternator with another stock and presumably good one I had in stock. After about 3 weeks (1,000 miles), the second regulator failed. 2 days ago another one blew.

    I'm wondering if others have had similar luck with these new and improved regulators?

    Or, maybe something else is wrong. But I do not know what to check next, as I've already changed the alternator. Can someone tell me what to do or look for next?


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    I had lots of problems with voltage regulators (VR) a couple of years ago in my Hawk. It was getting pretty expensive replacing them at $25 a shot. I think I went through 4 before I (we) found the problem.

    I had pulled the alternator more than a couple of times and had brought it to a local rewind shop for testing. He had bench tested it several times over a week period and keep bringing it back to me from behind the magic curtain telling me it was fine. He finally got p*ssed off with me(or should I say with that alternator) because I brought back 2 Chrysler type VR that had popped from his stock. I took off my Alternator right in front of his shop and had it tested once again. He ran it up and it was fine until the VR smoked right in front of his eyes. He paid for 2 VR and I got the last one he had in stock.

    It turns out that once in a while that alternator shorted in the rotor winding. It would not affect the diodes but it would pop the VR after driving a mile or so.

    You may have two bad alternators that don't pop analog voltage regulators but the electronic versions can't take the fluctuations.

    I threw my alternator in a box tagged NFG and replaced it with a totally rebuilt one from a reliable source. I have not had a problem since.

    Hope gives you something to think about. Good luck. I would try another alternator.


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