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  • 62 Hawk Shocks

    What shocks would be best to use on 62 Hawk. I see info on gas and hydrolic.

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    Almost all cars from 1997 on use gas shocks. They do tend to firm up the ride and control on older cars. I'm guessing that your 62 is going to be a driver and not a trailer queen, if it was my choice I'd go with gas shocks. I have Gabriel Gas Classics on my 62 Hawk, fronts 82087, rears 82151. They are not the most expensive, but do the job much better than the 45 plus year old factory shocks. Lou Cote [8D]


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      Jon, the Gabriel 82151's are the only one that will bolt right on to the Stude. If you want to make your own spacers and or sleeves there are at least 20 different shocks you can use, but all are going to be twice the cost of the Gabriel's.


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        I'd like to get 4 NOS or original shocks for my 63' Cruiser.....I prefer the ride of the older, softer handling characteristic. I due admit, the 289 in the Cruiser is a bit much and asks for a tighter suspension that the rest of the car doesn't match......that is, given today's driving enviorment...