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Twin traction help needed.

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  • Twin traction help needed.

    I have a 44 3.31 twin traction rear end.
    Had it for a long time, don't know from where.
    Upon checking it out I found that the axle bearing on the driver's side was too far in.
    Took out both axles and the Differential assembly.
    Found that the "Trust block R/A shaft" on the passenger side was missing. This is the part that looks like a large rivet.
    Part #1544810
    I will refer to it as "Rivet".

    Also the "Pinion Shaft locking pin" was missing. Part #1547808.

    SASCO does not have these, if anyone has a part differential and could
    sell me these I would apreciate it.
    This probably is a longshot.

    The so called "Rivet" is about 1" long.
    When I placed it in the differential it completely filled the hole that it goes into.
    If I had the other one and If I would insert it from the other side then These "Rivets" would be half of inch out of the hole on each side.
    Is this correct? Or do I have more problems than I am aware of?

    Assuming I cannot locate the missing parts, Could I just use a 2" stud
    in place of these "rivets"?
    Or should I just consider this as hopeless?
    Help from anyone with experiece with TT would be appeciated.


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    It's called a thrust block, not a rivet, and there is only one on the passenger side.

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      Thanks, but
      The one I have was on the drivers side.
      And the parts manual clearly shows 2.
      With a pin between them.
      On page 304 copyright 1963.


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        Paul - You need both halves of the thrust block. Those thrust blocks are essential for proper operation of the axles and necessary to obtain and maintain the proper preload on the axle bearings. My recollection is that the shoulder on each half seats against the metal sides of the hole. They should not stick out 1/2 inch. I have to believe the parts you need are available. These differentials were used in many makes of vehicles over a long span of years. Try other vendors, even non-Studebaker ones. I advise against jerry-rigging it with a 2" stud. Dale


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          Thank you all for the help.
          I corresponded with Mike previously and
          he has given me the same advice.
          I now understand what I need to do.


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            quote:Originally posted by pszikszai

            Thank you all for the help.
            I corresponded with Mike previously and
            he has given me the same advice.
            I now understand what I need to do.
            paul - good to hear that you got the information you need. However, I woke up realizing that part of what I wrote is incorrect. Those thrust blocks cannot seat flush against the housing since one axle pushes against the other. This allows you to set the bearing preload with shims on one side. That said, I don't think they stick out 1/2 inch, but i have only looked at them through the axle tube when putting them back in place after pulling an axle. Dale


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              "SI" lists the thrust blocks for the TT rears in their catalog; but for $20 each. I told Paul they are probably available from people who work on Dana rears cheaper. The pin is a hardware store part.
              I just found the two thrust blocks & pin for $24.95, at:
     ; part# HF-J64. But I'm not sure these fit the Stude. They are for "all 8 3/4 rears".
              Mike M.


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                if you don't have any luck "through normal channels" post back and I'll stop by this place I just found today. Wall to wall Aeroquip hardware plus the usual assortment of speed shop stuff, and I practically tripped over a (severely) narrowed D44 rear when I walked in the door, lots of old yet useful hardware hanging on pegboards, I could see me dropping a lot of $$ there. The guy is supposed to be calling me next week regarding a specific metric tube to AN fitting that I need for another project so if you haven't found one by then I can ask if he happens to carry them.


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