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Alternator Bracket Options (for AC cars)

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  • Alternator Bracket Options (for AC cars)

    After having no sucess with the dredded search function (several having the same problem) the search function seems to not give an error only once in a while...

    There's a tech area topic by Ray Fichthorn on an eazy addition of a Sanden compressor.
    My car a 57 S. Hawk has the old York mounted on the lower right side of the engine and the generator up against the oil fill. To use a aftermarket air filter it will only fit w/ a alternator and to pgrade to the Sanden, Vintage air has a simple flat plate bracket for York Compressor mounting hardware.

    My question is, does anyone have the contact information for Ray Fichthorn who in this photo
    has the set-up I desire. I just need a better photo of the alternator bracket so I can make one.. The generator currently sits on this unsightly home made deal which also oddly mounts under the thermostat cover w/ a hole drilled for water flow..

    Or perhaps you have a shot of a top mounted generator? I was considering mounting it where power steering ould go but now I'm considering adding that too..

    Wow, someone in this town has something other than a Chevy!!

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    Ray Fichthorn address is

    Bob Johnstone

    64 GT Hawk
    55 President State Sedan
    70 Avanti (R3)
    64 GT Hawk (K7)
    1970 Avanti (R3)


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      Click on 'Technical Pages' in the left column. Brilliant solutions!

      Robert (Bob) Andrews- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys)
      Parish, central NY 13131



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        Is this the type mount your looking for.




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          Ill take a photo of what Im dealing with. The compressor must go down in the lower passenger side where the generator typically goes as there is a great and unique pulley system set up already for that. Some new fangled extended pully off of the crank and a fiberglass radiator fan with an extension.
          Yes, that mount on Ray Lin's site is exactly what Im wanting. Think that is enough detail to get started!!>

          Wow, someone in this town has something other than a Chevy!!