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  • oil filter location

    as i have stated before i'm building a stude powered hot question is the engine i'm using is a part flow.57 289.can i relocate the cansiter to a new location like the frame or firewall???and is there a conversion kit to change to a spin filter???any ideas???i want to keep a filter. thanks in advance

    2006,f-150,2x4,v-6,5-speed manual,8ft bed,

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    Go to Bob Johnstone's web site and check out how to make a full flow block out of a partial flow block. I have even used a 2 qt. Ford diesel filter on one of these.


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      Charles: You can put the filter any where you want to, so long as the hoses are hooked up correctly.

      If you want a spin-on, just get the filter base and bracket from any 1958 through early 1962 Studebaker engine, 6 or V-8, with a partial-flow, spin-on filter and hook it up. [8D]BP
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        I talked to Fairborne about this and they said while it was done by request, it has never been used in actual operation except one customer who used solid lines. Once you do this you cant get back in there for repair w/o pulling the block. The next best thing is to install one of the modern bypass oil filter kits guaranteed at 2-microns. While the flow is only 10%, you know in 5 minutes at 45MPH all the oil has been filtered to this level of cleanliness. Keeping your oil analytically clean is easy with the Amsoil BMK-21 Kit. Low cost too and mounts anywhere.

        Wow, someone in this town has something other than a Chevy!!