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  • Distributor Installation

    I removed my distributor to install a Pertronix electronic module, and I can not re-install the distributor back in the block. It goes just so far and then in hits something and will not go as far as the camshaft gear. Seems like it will not mate with the gear. I do not think it is a conflict with the oil pump, it just won't go any further. At this point the base of the distributor,(where the tightening bolt holds it in the block is about 3" above the block. I tried everything and it just won't seat. Any suggestions???

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    Your pump drive shaft is not engaging in the hole that leads to the pump drive.
    Get a mirror and look down the hole and you will see what I mean. the pump drive shaft can miss the opening completly and go down to the side of it. The distrubutor then won't go the last bit because it has the shaft has bottomed outside the drive opening. It requires some manouvering of the shaft and body at the exact point where this opening is. Best thing is to look down the hole and you will see the problem. I used a clean stick to measure the depth to the opening and then transfer this distance to the distributor shaft to see exactly where the engagement point is.
    Rotating the distributor shaft stops the pump flopping over on the connection, this helps also.

    Allan Tyler Melbourne Australia


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      Is the car level? Sometimes if the rear is down a little, it makes it hard. If the car is level, then try jacking up the rear about 6"
      off the floor and try the suggestions already made.

      Tex in Alabama

      Makin' a little progress


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        I have an old long screwdriver (19") that is too long to accidentally drop into the engine and I filed the tip to match the end of a Stude V-8 distributor. With it I can slightly tweek the oil pump drive either direction necessary to let the distributor drop into place. Just a little practice and patience and you will be a whiz at re-installing that pesky device.