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Gas Tank Sender

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  • Gas Tank Sender

    If you were to ground the sending unit would you put on one of the hold down screws. On the 48 when you first start it up it works you start moving it goes to empty. Maybe a mile down the road it starts reading again. I go down the road it reads and then it don't. Driving me crazyer than I already am. I have the whole tank and everything else covered with POR 15. I thought that may be the problem.

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    It sounds like the problem could possibably be an intermittent ground or the sending unit may have varnish on the little resistance wire inside of it. To improve the ground, you could remove one of the screws that holds the unit onto the tank, scrape away any crud and install a wire with a little eye on the end under the screw and then ground that wire to the frame by drilling hole and attaching the wire to the frame with a screw. That would (or should) eliminate any ground problems and if it still has problems, it might be time to focus on the sending unit itself.


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      Thanks for the info. The sending unit is new and so is the guage. I was thinking ground. But didn't know if it would mess the signal up putting a ground wire on it. To much POR 15 I guess. The old tank was pretty bad. I had it boiled out and put sealer on the inside and POR 15 on the outside. It holds gas. But not ground