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50 Starlight Coupe help needed

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  • 50 Starlight Coupe help needed

    I guess that I should have posted this in this forum rather than General Discussion, so here it is:
    I recently acquired a 1950 Starlight Coupe, (original owner if you do not count the son who inherited and sold it) not in good shape, but rebuildable. Engine condition unknown, but it came with a spare engine, also condition unknown. I want to strip the car down to the frame and then rebuild the car entirely. Ambitious I know. but doable. At the same time I want to upgrade 'stuff,' i.e. brakes, steering, electrical components and comfort. I know that this may appear to be a sacrilege to die-hard Studebaker enthusiasts, but I cannot envision driving a car with sixty year old technology. Engine-wise I am contemplating a newer style 4 cylinder or V-6 with an automatic transmission. I feel sure that someone has been down this trail before and I am hoping for advice and tips so that I do not have to back up too many times. ( I am including my email in case someone wants to severely berate me for messing with the purity of Studebakers)!

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    I am almost done with the same process on a 52 Studebaker. Engine swap, complete chassis refurb, paint, bodywork, some enhancements along the way.
    Here's the thing, I started 13 years ago.
    It really takes a long time, and a lot of money to do what you want to do. Of course your project may go way quicker than mine. Make a plan and get started. But you might think about keeping to together and do things a section at a time.